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Hendy Car Supermarket reviews

3 reviews
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    • Kieran
    • September 9, 2014

    No problems in the purchasing of the car (citroen c4 grand picasso) only fault is the lights which are supposedly renowned for blowing but at the minor expense the only problem is the annoyance of it.

    • corrado lever
    • April 23, 2014

    I bought a Porsche Boxter 21 feb this year and to date (23 april ie 2 months later) it has cost me a further estimated £7000 (inc. insurance £2000) to put things right for things which (coincidentally) are not covered by warrantt. I have had to change all 4 tyres which blew on the car, one wheeel, one clutch and it now looks as though the battery needs replacing. Whenever I spoke to them they were very condescending, blaming the whole situation on my driving.

    • Curry1967
    • January 24, 2014

    I bought a car from here in February 2013 and am still having problems with it nearly a year later. The sales service was fine but their aftersales if something goes wrong with the car is appalling. They never replied to complaints until I threatened with going to overall manager of the whole Hendy group. They fixed something on the car eventually after 6 months of wrangling and I am still waiting for the paperwork 5 months later even though I phoned and phoned them asking for it. Would never go there again and certainly never recommend them to anyone.

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