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Moston Car Sales reviews

2 reviews
    • ShazzyWazzyWoo
    • September 9, 2014

    Car needed mot within 3 weeks of sale, yes my own fault for not noticing but I had a list of about6 of theirs to look at and noticed they all had mot's. The one I bought had failed to list when the MOT was due.Anyway, I took it and it failed on a spring (quoted £80.00 by mot garage). As we had a warranty with Moston we phoned them. Was told it would cost, ok fair enough i saw the warranty said 50/50 and was quoted the same price as the garage. Therefore their warranty is useless! He also insisted it could have happened anytime but garage told us it was well corroded and has been gone for a while. Won't ever consider buying from them again. All smiles and sweetness before buying-cocky and abrupt afterwards. I thought car salesmen had become more human, I was wrong!

    • Quick and easy
    • March 7, 2014

    From getting finance to walking in the garage to driving off the forecourt, everything was quick and smooth!!!

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