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1 review from our car dealer reviews community
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1 review from our car dealer reviews community

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AVOID AT ALL COSTS I bought a second hand car from Allen Ford Bath and it was the most painful experience I've ever had. Before I picked the car up it was supposed to have a dent repaired on the sill, whole car machine polished, wing mirror resprayed and a full tank of fuel. I picked the car up, they forgot my invoice, the warranty, got the price wrong, tax wrong and the car had only been machine polished, badly. They only did the doors (apparently thats the whole car) and left them covered in highly visible swirls. Nothing else had been done. Car went back 4 times over the space of 3 months to get the work done, eventually I gave up. They repaired the dent ok (can still remains up close) but resprayed it very badly. They eventually said they would strip and respray the entire sill to make it look right, but just polished it instead on the 4th time. On the previous 2 attempts they did nothing at all and tried to make out they'd resprayed the wrong side, when they clearly hadn't. Unbelieveable! Wing mirror was machine polished first instead of resprayed but was still covered in scratches. It then took them two attempts to respray it. On the first attempt they let dust settle on it before spraying and on the second attempt they left marks where they'd wet sanded it and not polished it. In the end I finished it myself with some compound and polish. Alloys started peeling after 2 months so they were resprayed under warranty, badly. They didn't sand down the peel marks properly so you can still see them and they let the paint run in a few places. On top of that they broke my wheel nut key but decided not to say anything and chucked it away. It was only by chance that I found the bag for it was empty. Got given a replacement from their master set which was heavily worn and kept slipping, so I had to pay for a new one. I highly recommend that you avoid this dealer at all costs. They can't get anything right and just don't care. I wrote to them as recommended by consumer advice, stating that they'd had their opportunity to complete the work and that I would like a price reduction so I could get the work done elsewhere. The manager responded by ringing me, having a go at me and then informing me that he hadn't had a chance to complete the work. The car had been back to them 3 times at this point, after much arguing I gave them a 4th chance but it was hopeless. I hope no one else has to go through this. I can't believe Ford let these people sell and repair their cars.

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