Who we are

We’re Car Dealer Reviews, and we give you all the info you need to buy a car. We’re one of the very few sites that’s customer-driven, and all our dealership reviews are written by real customers. We allow you to rate and review a dealer based on your experience, giving future customers access to the real facts.

Established in 2013, we’ve since helped over 1 million car buyers. We now have 16,000 dealerships listed on our site and well over 10,000 of those have real customer reviews. What’s more, we also have relationships with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry who use our reviews to help their customers and site visitors.

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We are the voice of the car buying public.

Ryan, Head of Car Dealer Reviews
Car Dealer Reviews

Meet the team

The team at Car Dealer Reviews is dedicated to helping car buyers make the most informed decision possible. We want to give customers the opportunity to share their real experiences, giving dealerships credit where credit’s due and holding unsatisfactory ones to account. We work around the clock to moderate and verify every review, going to extreme lengths to ensure they’re all fair and honest.

We work closely with AutoTrader

We have a close working relationship with AutoTrader, the UK’s biggest car buying website. This means any review that you leave with us could potentially be published on the AutoTrader site itself, where it’ll be visible to millions of other people.

Our Partners!

We are affiliated with Auto Trader and some of the car industry’s leading authorities.