A customer has requested to remove a review, why has this not happened?

When a review submits a review they agree to our terms and conditions meaning that Car Dealer Reviews owns the content of their review and it is at our discretion whether we remove a review. We typically do not remove reviews, instead, we allow customers to update their review using the “reply to review” feature. As a dealership, you are also welcome to share your side of the story for any review about your business.

Who are Car Dealer Reviews and why should I trust you?

Car Dealer Reviews was set up with one thing in mind, to help car buyers in the UK understand exactly what to expect when visiting a dealership. We operate on an open review platform meaning anyone can leave a review on our site and does not need to be invited to review, unlike other websites that operate in our industry. To find out more click here (link to about us).

Is this site moderated?

Yes, 100%. Every single review that has been published must pass a series of checks by both our moderation software and by one of our member of staff. Typically, 1 in 5 reviews each month is identified as being fraudulent. The authenticity of our reviews is of paramount importance to us.

I have a question that is not on this list, how do I contact you?

Please fill in our contact form and one of our team will be in touch shortly to assist you.

What is your relationship with AutoTrader?

Car Dealer Reviews is an official partner of Auto Trader.

What this means is that we provide Auto Trader with a number of our reviews for a select number of dealerships listed on Car Dealer Reviews. We ONLY allow reviews left by Car Dealer Reviews visitors to be listed on our website and do NOT list any 3rd party reviews on our platform. If a dealership would like to have their reviews shared on their Auto Trader page then please email us at