I'm a dealer and want to dispute a review. What can I do?

Please send us an email with your dealership name, the review in question and your specific complaint. We always advise dealerships to use the “reply to review” feature to share your feelings towards a review. If you feel the review isn’t fair then let us know.

I am a UK Car Dealer, how can I have my dealership added to your site?

This is easy, simply click here and fill in all of the details and your dealership will be added shortly. 

We do not want our business listed on your site, how do we have it removed?

We do not remove any dealerships from our website. If your dealership trades to the public then customers have the right to review your business.

I am a dealership who wishes to respond to a review, how do I do this?

We always encourage dealerships to respond to each and every review, good or bad. You can do this by using the “reply to review” button found under every review.

Our Car Dealership wishes to have a review removed, how do I go about having this done?

All reviews on Car Dealer Reviews are subject to a series of checks before being published. In all instances where a dealership disputes a review we recommend you use the “reply to review” feature to share your feelings towards the review.

How do I report a closed business?

Please send us an email to notify us. We will then update the page to make people aware that this business is no longer trading.

How can I get more of my customers to leave a review on CDR?

On our dealership benefits page, you will see a downloadable review card that can be handed out to all customers at the point of sale. We have a number of dealerships who simply call, text or email customers to kindly request that they leave a review on Car Dealer Reviews. Don’t waste an opportunity to have customers review and improve your online reputation. Customers love reading reviews.

How can I improve my rating on Car Dealer Reviews?

Simple. Request your customers leave a review. Ask them in person, follow this up with a polite call, text or email. It takes seconds to do and will prove vital in creating new business.