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1 review from our car dealer reviews community

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BUYER BEWARE!!! COSTESSEY CAR CENTRE DOES NOT ADHERE TO THE LAW OR THE CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT !!! I bought a car from here on 22nd Dec 2015 and the following day it was dead. No power whatsoever. Sent emails and filled out an enquiry on their website and phoned them. I finally spoke to someone on the 29th Dec 2015 who insisted they had not received any of my correspondence. I was told due to the garage being closed I would need to call them again the following day. The next day I called back to speak the person that was there when I bought the car to tell me he hadn't heard about my problems and no messages or notes had been left for him. I re explained again and again gave my address and phone number to be told I would be called back the following day. The next day I rang them again to be told the guy from the previous day would be coming round which I had not been told, the guy seemed flustered that I didn't know this already and said the other guy would call and let me know when he was coming. I received no phone call the guy just turned up. Looked at the car couldn't work out how to get to the battery 2 passbys ended up helping him. He then tried to start it via a battery pack which didn't work as would die again. He then left and returned with a new battery adamant that was the fault even with myself and the passers-by telling him it couldn't be the route cause. He proceeded to change the battery started the engine switched it off jumped out gave me the keys and said it's working and left extremely quickly, shocking the 2 people who had stopped to help. I then got into the car to try it myself and even though it now had power it wouldn't start. I then put my foot on the accelerator to see if it would start like that, to which it did but as soon as I took my foot off the accelerator the engine died again leaving it still undrivable. I called Costessey car centre straightaway and said it's still not working I would like to return it for a refund as it is not fit for purpose to be told no and they didn't have to for a cheap car? I explained under the consumer rights act that I was legally entitled to a refund for the man to get very angry, condescending and arrogant with me saying they didnt have to do anything and to take them to court. The following day (today) I go back to the car and unsurprisingly it's dead again so it was not a battery problem. Luckily I have kept records of all my correspondence with them and the advertisement of the car along with my receipt. A dodgy car that could of caused an accident or broken down on the dual carriageway with my young children put at risk if I hadn't lived so close. Obviously they must of done something to it for it to drive ok when I bought it which will hopefully show when I get a full diagnostic done to send off to my claim. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!!

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Costessey Car Centre from Costessey Car Centre in response to victim

This issue was resolved within a few days of initial report of problem, The car in question was a part exchanged car that we sold on for £325.

Costessey Car Centre from Costessey Car Centre in response to victim

In regards to the review left scoring us a 1 We would like to point out that this issue was resolved within a few days of the problem being reported, We are a small family run business that rely on our reputation. The review bellow is based on a Citroen Picasso with 10 months MOT that we took in as a part exchange and advertised for £325, Usually we would not sell cars for that sum of money but the previous owner had used the car for a 60 miles round trip everyday for the past 3 2 years and having driven it ourselves it felt good enough, The issue the buyer had was not a mechanical issue as such and in no way caused any danger but was an electrical fault which drained the battery. After having the vehicle back we replaced the battery and replaced a sensor and the vehicle was then given to a friend of ours for a week to use to make sure it was ok and he in turn then sold it to his Neighbor who has not had an issue with it since. We only offered the Picasso for sale at £325 as we felt it was a nice honest vehicle with plenty of life left it it and we where not aware of any faults. We have been trading for 7 years from the same address and specialize in family cars between £1000 to £4000, We certainly do not need £325 that desperately to risk damaging our good reputation had we have known about any such issues. The same applies for all of our vehicles.

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