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1 review from our car dealer reviews community

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"AVOID l!!!!"
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I really wish I could give a unrated review of 0 out of 5. Please I beg you not to go to this dealership you will be wasting your money and time!!! So my partner had brought a car from this dealership back in Feb 2016 (Car came with a service and new MOT, as the car was 3 years old it would have been the first MOT etc). After a week we gave the car a clean and found that all the body work was scratched (it appeared that the dealership had applied some kind of varnish to hide these marks) Anyway a month or so into having the car we started to face some issues. We was trying to find the locking nut for the tyres but it appeared the car did come with one so we went back to the dealership to be told by the salesperson it wasnt his problem and referred us to the service center who said it was the salesperson's issue but eventually handed over a locking nut and charged it back to the dealership. We got the wheels replaced by a very trusted mechanic we use and he showed us how bad the wheels were (they had perished and was beginning to crack due to the Tyre rotting) he advised us that this shouldn't have happened as it wouldn't have passed the MOT or service it recently had. Myself and my partner began to list out the issues we had. We then had a call off vauxhall explaining that our car had to be brought back to the service center as there was a ongoing recall for the handbrake mechanism and it wasnt safe to drive, we took the car down to them and after complete this work they told us the brake pads and disks had been worn down to 99%. I spoke with the VAUXHALL mechanic and he told me that is shouldn't have even left the workshop on the service or MOT, so they offered to fit new brake pads and disks for £380.89 with VAT, I told them that this was not an option as I could get them done for much less than that. So I took the car back to my mechanic and just told him to do the pads, disks and anything else that needed doing. He came back to me £180 later (Pads, disks, fluids, filters etc) and told me he will write me a report as this was not acceptable especially from a well known dealership. So i contacted Vauxhall on Facebook messenger on 25/07/2017 to find out who i can send a complaint to so they gave me the details of a Sales person called Sam Nicholson who was no help what so ever, he told me on numerous occasions that I would be passed to the general manager (David Dawson). I rung up in total of 24 times to the dealership and multiple conversations with Vauxhall over Facebook and had nothing, the service received was terrible. Finally on 06/10/2017 we was contacted by David Dawson, who told me we will not be receiving any help or compensation from vauxhall as we have had the car to long, i explained we have been raising these issues for a very long time and no one is contacting us. He explained all cars get checked and brakes and disks cant be anymore than 70% worn or else they will go into amber, so i asked if they are 69% worn they are classified as red and he confirmed that with a yes. David explained to me we do not have a leg to stand on and he will not be helping us in any way to resolve our issues, I explained I will be contacting trading standards and he didn't event batter an eyelid, his attitude was totally unprofessional. Anyway on 07/10/2017 myself and my partner went to unbeatable car in Portsmouth and explained the issues and told them we were looking for a new car as you do etc. The sales man searched our car and couldn't find it on the system so he spoke with his manager. It turns out Vauxhall had only taken a personal loan out rather than the agreed HP finance. My partner has two witnesses that the sales person explained it was HP finance and not PCP or anything else. We checked the documents and it appears he had taken out a £11,000 loan and debited it to my partners name. So please i urge you dont use vauxhall Portsmouth, you have been warned!!

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