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4 reviews from our car dealer reviews community
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4 reviews from our car dealer reviews community

Leave a review for JDT Autos
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"He who will not be fobbed off so easilly"
1 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

Jdt Autos (Herts) Ltd is, in my opinion, disreputedly managfed by Michelle Stapleton, the primary director of her company. 12 days after buying a car from her business I emailed her to describe a growing list of faults that it had started to show signs of. Her first response was this, “Ali will call you as he dealt with you it's his sale !”. Ali was her employee. She did not prioritize his schedule to deal with my car, so he couldn’t. I told her that within 16 days of buying the car the air conditioning went from working to gradually becoming less effective until it didn’t work at all and hence there must be a major fault with it. Her initial response was “The A/C was tested maybe it's run out of Gas so I would suggest you re gas as warranty does not cover re gassing. If it runs out of gas this is maintaining the car which we are not responsible for !” She initially refused to take ownership of several faults with the car, despite my logical argument that if the refrigerant runs out in 16 days the system has a leak and an attempt to re fill it would be ineffective. I eventually paid a local garage to investigate this fault. They told me that the main compressor pump had failed and that a remedy using a reconditioned pump would cost £800, which it did. Later I was told by the previous private owner of the car that, with a sense of duty, he had warned Jdt Autos that the car had this and several other listed faults, and that he had previously failed to cure this problem by having the system re gassed. So I have reason to suspect that Jdt Autos were aware of the true extent of some of the problems with my car, were still happy to sell it to me and still tried to avoid ownership of the faults. What does that tell you about them?

"Jdt autos"
5 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

Response to the above negative comment I answered the phone to the Rac and told them I would be 10 mins as I had been held up and the driver said he could not wait or come back, I feel this was Rac problem not mine we cannot sit all day waiting many other inspection companies will call and give us an hour or two notice but Rac seemed very unhelpful how can you leave negative review if you didn't purchase a car !!!

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"Linda and my Son"
5 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

5 STAR SERVICE FOR ME. We purchased a Vauxhall Corsa for my son a couple of months back, we soon noticed it had a leak in the car. We called JDT Autos in Broxbourne about this and they took it straight back with no quibble, took 4 weeks in all to have fix which wasn't a problem because i have a mechanic friend who says its like a needle in a haystack scenario with this and they reallt went the full 9 yards on it for us. It was a really bad leak and they have made it fine now. All fixed, they were in touch at every stage telling us what was being done so we knew they were working on it. Cant fault them at all, service is just amazing.Really pleased, very good and got us a resolution at their cost. Just a matter of eliminating where it came from which can be time consuming, they took the car to bits to sort it. If this comes back they told me to pop in and they will have it looked into immediately. Reading that above review above shows i had a completely different experience

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1 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

After viewing a Ford Focus at J D T Autos we decided that we don't know enough about cars to spend £2000 without professional advice, so we arranged an RAC inspection. This cost us £135 (plus the membership fee). J D T Autos were consulted throughout the booking process and they agreed that the RAC could attend between 9am and 4pm on the day of inspection. Since J D T Autos are supposedly a professional dealership it didn't seem unreasonable that their premises would be manned between 9am and 4pm on a weekday - and crucially they agreed to this. However, when the RAC arrived at 9am the premises were deserted, and they remained that way until the RAC left at 10am (despite the seller saying they would be there shortly when contacted). J D T Autos have not answered our calls since. IN MY OPINION J D T AUTOS ARE DISHONEST - they knew the car would fail an inspection so they did not make it available. This has cost us £135 but at least we didn't give £2000 to this dodgy dealer.

Simon Gallawy in response to sunflowers

From my dealings with them I believe that the most common reason for the sales yard being unattended is that \the employee\" is tasked by the two co directors with driving a lorry round the area collecting cars that they have bought in order to ensure a continuous flow of profit for his employers. At least that's the excuse she gave me for his not being available to attend to the faults with my car."

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Dealership Information

JDT Autos are a used car dealership serving the Waltham Abbey area. Based in Broxbourne, this dealership sells vehicles from a range of makes and models, they also welcome customers looking to take out finance, sell their car or part exchange their current vehicle.

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Deals in: Cars
Manufacturers: Sells a variety of makes and models
Independent Dealership

Services available
Car Hire
Car Leasing
Car Repairs
Car Sourcing
GAP Insurance
Motorbike Sales
New Car Sales
Part Exchange
Sell Your Car
Used Car Sales
Van Sales
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JDT Autos
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07912 432988

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