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4 reviews from our car dealer reviews community
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4 reviews from our car dealer reviews community

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I had a few bad experiences buying cars previously and was very cautious when considering to buy one from Johnston Motors. But Trevor, and later on David as well as Garry and Alec from the garage showed me that this car dealership treats their customers as they want to be treated. After 2hrs of checking for all possible faults (including a computer check) I purchased a VW Polo. When I noticed small fault after the purchase they fixed it on the spot. I had the car checked at my local garage and they confirmed it to be in a good state. They did notice however, that the timing belt had never been changed. As Johnston Motor had done a full service before purchase, they agreed retrospect to replace the 2 belts with no extra cost. I was a very happy customer indeed. Thanks, guys.

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David from Johnston Motors Stirling in response to Kerstin

Thanks for your kind words Kerstin,hope you're enjoying your new car.

5 out of 5 stars See
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

I had been looking for a ford focus st for some time trying to find one that had not been modified or abused,and that was relatively clean for the budget that I came up that was for sale at johnston motors in stirling,who I had dealt with before with no problems,I went to see the st and although there was one or two things that I was wanting done before I considered buying the car nothing seemed to be too much trouble for Trevor and David and the team at the garage,they are very knowledgeable and professional about their stock,and gave me a date that my new car would be ready,with the things that I wanted done to the car,they also gave me an excellent trade in price for my own car,so everything went ahead and I got my new st which is superb and stunning looking which came with 1years warranty and mot which they offer on most of there cars,well done guys and thanks I was that impressed with the garage that I took my daughter there who was looking for a new car the following week,and she was treated to the same excellent service from David that she has also purchased a car from them

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Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

I was unaware of this car dealer in Stirling and so had to put some trust on the dealer when looking to buy a mondeo, the mondeo I purchased from them was just exactly what I was looking for in the colour and that it was the top of the range titanium x model, the attention, helpfulness and Information provided prior to sale was excellent and I then had a little faith in that I had made the right choice in choosing this dealer who even picked me up from train station as I was coming from Edinburgh - a service most other dealers would not provide. Now that I own the car which is 5 years old with 61,000 miles on clock I can honestly say that I love it and love driving this vehicle, more than the other 2 my wife and I own and drive, the car literally does not have a scratch on it inside and out (although this may change when my wife drives it) , it also drives like new. Incidentally I checked that the car was serviced and yes it was and a full mot and warranty was provided too, they even threw in 6 months Road tax. With all reviews there is good and bad although this isn't really a bad thing it was all I could think off and although this didn't affect me it may others - due to just how busy the garage is because of high sales you may have to wait approx 5 days for your car to be prepped up to the high standards I got mine... In my opinion very worth the wait as when a waiter brings you your food 2 minutes after ordering then you know your meal has just been microwaved.

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"Gary Morris"
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Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

Bought an Alfa Romeo GTV from them, - I asked on the phone if everything worked and the sales person said yes. I’d been looking for a low mileage GTV for some time – I thought this was the one. I arrived to pick up the car to be told the ‘airbag sensor ECU’ had broken down and they’d supply me a new one. In good faith they paid for 6 months road tax and gave me a full tank of petrol worth a total of £210. Who am I to complain? As I took the car he told me the aerial was broken and pointed to some cheap £5.99 Halford’s aerial in the boot that wouldn’t even fit the car. By the time I got the car home a rear speaker had blown, a front speaker was shorting out and the factory car stereo began switching itself on and off. They sent me a new car stereo – it was a cheap one though, about £45 when I checked at Halfords. Now my pocket was ready to burn! I took the car by an independent Alfa Roneo dealer – it’s not the ‘airbag ECU’ but the car wiring. The car should never have received an MOT as the bushes were shot to bits, I saw it on a rack – now I knew why it scuttled around corners if it went in a shallow hole – it clunked in a deeper pothole. I changed the oil as I had no faith it had synthetic oil – I saw a receipt for £30. You can’t buy decent synthetic oil and a filter for £30 on an Alfa Romeo GTV – that’s ASDA oil if you’re lucky. All in all I had to spend the following to get this car in shape: £90 oil change £350 new bushes, arms and linkage £75 speakers £40 stereo install fee £40 new floor mats (it didn’t have any) £119 new car aerial £714 – out of pocket… In the end I had to take the car back to them and they bought it back. The problem was it needed the wiring sorting out for the ‘airbag ECU’ – this is a big job – you can’t give an MOT certificate to a car that has a faulty airbag sensor. I checked with the DVLA. Secondly – the rear window heater didn’t work either – I was no longer prepared to pay. The airbag sensor and the rear window repair would have been up to £600 inc VAT (if they found the fault). They were good enough to take it back – but they put it on their website for £500 more than they sold it to me on the very day I took it back. I know they won’t have fixed the problems. The warranty they gave me didn’t cover anything that broke. I lost a shed load of money with these guys. They simply never checked the car apart from the fact the wheels went around – I don’t think they’re bad, they’re just not thorough – I would advise on having an RAC/AA check – if I had I would never have bought the car. Incidentally – when I was given a cheque for returning the car the salesman was positively hostile to me. Would I buy from them again? No to put it politely.

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Johnston Motors from Johnston Motors Stirling in response to Gary Morris

Firstly,we are sorry to hear your car buying experience with us turned out badly,but in our defence let us point out some of the points you have failed to recollect. 1.The airbag light came on after the MOT test,but before you picked the car up.Our valeter washed the vehicle outside and on moving it back into the workshop the light came on.(At this point you were already on the aeroplane from London to Edinburgh!).We checked it and the fault pointed at the ECU.You were made fully aware of this discovery as soon as you were off the plane and were given the opportunity to reject the car,which you did not.In compensation we paid for a full tank of petrol and taxed your car free of charge.You were more than happy with this arrangement. 2.The bushes were at MOT pass standard at the time of the test,replacing these bushes at your expense was your own choice. 3.You advised us that the CD/radio was faulty,so I gave you a selection of brands that I could supply new.You asked for a Pioneer.This was immediately posted to you at a cost of just under one hundred pounds. 4.As for you comment regarding the engine oil,we gave the car a full service including oil and filter change as well as a new air filter.We use manufacturer approved bulk bought fully synthetic oil.Your decision to change the oil at your expense was again,your choice.Also at the service the tyres were replaced at our expense to a higher quality brand as requested by yourself. 5.We were happy to give you a full refund and buy the car back.I feel we have dealt with you in a professional and responsible way and proved to be a decent and fair garage.At no time did we ever fail to respond to your requests both professionally and quickly. I am very disappointed to read your review and ask you to take into consideration this was a relatively inexpensive car that was nearly 11 years old.As pointed out to you at time of sale,these types of vehicles are usually bought by enthusiasts who are well aware of the amount of commitment old Italian cars can require.

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Johnston Motors based in Sterling and in close driving distance to Falkirk, Edinburgh and Glasgow, are a used car buyer and seller offering a range of models from many popular manufacturers. All cars are fully valeted, HPI checked and come with a 1 year warranty. This car dealership also offer finance and nationwide delivery. 

Car Dealer Reviews would love to hear from any previous customers of Johnston Motors Stirling, so please if you have found this page could you take the time to leave a quick review and help any future potential customers. Also, if you are considering purchasing a vehicle from this dealership then please come back to our website and tell us how your experience was, every single review really does help.

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