Kingdom Cars Of Dunfermline (CLOSED DOWN)

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1 review from our car dealer reviews community
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1 review from our car dealer reviews community

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Bought a used 58 Reg Jeep Patriot in March 2015. On Kingdom Cars Of Dunfermline website they say they specialise in the sale of quality used cars and 4x4's. Within two days of purchasing the Jeep it developed its first issue, a faulty ABS brake system. They sell cars with a 3 month RAC warranty, which from this current experience is not worth the paper its written on as I took the car to a local RAC approved garage to claim on the warranty but RAC said these faults were not covered as they were due to corrosion, even though we only had the Jeep for 2 days. To be fair, I contacted Kingdom Cars and they agreed to repair the fault. The car was with them for two weeks and they provided a replacement car during this period. Within two days of its return, it developed another fault. The turbo was faulty and later that week after heavy rain the sunroof leaked. Back again it went and again was supplied with another car again for two weeks whilst they tried to repair the turbo and leaking sun roof. The sunroof issue was actually pointed out on our first viewing of the car, to which the response was that “it’s just condensation from the car wash”. Upon its return again the sunroof still had not been fixed, it still leaked and the front passenger side wheel was now squealing when driving at low speed, so again it was returned. On the way down the turbo went again. This time they refused to provide a replacement car and it took them another two weeks to fix, leaving me with no car to get to work for two weeks. So far so good the sun roof has not leaked on its return, but to be fair we have not had any heavy rain to test it’s ok, the turbo is now working but as I can now drive at legal motorway speeds for the first time consistently its now developed a high pitched squealing sound, this was within two days of its return from Kingdom Cars. Now that I have owned the Jeep for over 3 months and is no longer covered by the RAC warranty they issued they refuse to repair this out right. He did say they would meet me 50/50 on the repair costs. In a total of 3 months since I have owned the car, it’s been back with them for a total of 6 weeks, within two days of its return on each occasion it developed a fault, the warranty expired whilst still being repaired. Due to the distance from Kingdom cars and my home which is 55 miles it’s only been convenient to return the car after every 2 weeks, so in a 3 month period there have only been 6 days in total when there have been no identified faults. My reason for such a low rating is they claim they sell quality used cars. Clearly they do not. My expectation of a quality used car is to be able to drive it for a year from the day of purchase after passing an MOT and being put in for a service by the selling garage with no major faults. This purchase has failed on all of those accounts. So, now we’re stuck with a car that is not fit for the purpose and to try to sell it would mean incurring a significant financial loss. To be honest, I wouldn’t want anyone to drive this car anyway.

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Car Dealer Reviews has been informed that Kingdom Cars Dunfermline has closed down.

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1 reviews1.2 out of 5 stars — Rated Terrible
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