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2 reviews from our car dealer reviews community
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2 reviews from our car dealer reviews community

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"Positive. "
4 out of 5 stars See
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
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I wanted to give Langley Motors some quick positive feedback. Everything went well at the dealership and the Fiat I bought has been great throughout. I recommend them.

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"Chris Wylam"
1 out of 5 stars See
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

WE TOOK LANGLEY MOTORS TO COURT: Don't buy from them and have to go through what I did. The company is owned and run by David Childs and his two sons Benjamin and Jamie Childs. The limited company was transferred to Jamie Childs who declared himself bankrupt in 2005 with debts of over 16k. However they have since been running fraudulently Langley Motors under the name of ‘managing director’ Steve Jones who they use as an alias on paperwork to avoid legal obligations. (In 3 years of court proceedings he never made an appearance and was always ‘away’ you’d think as ‘managing director’ he’d want to defend his company in court! His handwriting is also coincidentally exactly the same as Ben Childs.) In our 3 years of court proceedings we also discovered that they already had 2 outstanding county court judgements against them from 2010 of over 6k. They have used different company names over the years. One of my receipts says Langley Ford Centre. After our dealings with Langley Motors we were amazed to find good reviews of their company online, looking further into these reviews we found them all to be written in the names of the Child’s family and their friends who we were able to trace through the social media pages of both Ben and Jamie. (Also notable there were no connections to Steve Jones through their social media sites- again confirming to us that he does not exist!) Once we had dismissed the positive reviews the only ones left were those with a similar story to ours. The landlord was able to confirm that David Childs had always been the owner of the business and he had never heard of Steve Jones. I bought a BMW from them in May 2012 where Ben Childs told me it was in full working order. After a few weeks I discovered an oil leak and took it to a local garage that also discovered the exhaust sensors were not working, the wires from them had been cut and the engine management light had been disabled. I took the car back and Ben Childs said they would sort it; they cleaned off the oil residue, hid the cut wires and told me it had been sorted. When I took it back a second time, they laughed at me and said it was not covered by their 3 month guarantee. David Childs told me to take them to court. I will leave out his expletives. So I did. They were ordered to either give me a full refund or repair the car. They chose to repair the car. They use PW Autos at Langley. The owner told me Langley Motors supply all the parts and he only does what Langley Motors tell him to do. Langley Motors tried to get all the parts from breakers yards. They had the car for 6 months even though the PW Autos owner told me it would only take 2 days if they had the parts. Langley Motors made up every lie and excuse they could as to why the car was taking so long to repair. After 6 months they said they had fully repaired the initial faults and had MOT'd the car. However the car had been dented while in their possession and after all the lies we’d received we thought we’d look into this further. On inspecting the paperwork we found that the emissions test had been done after the MOT certificate had been produced. (Alarm bells started ringing again.) We had the car independently inspected and as suspected they had not repaired the faults and there was a great list of additional faults, including structural parts missing, buckled wheel, 60,000 missing off the clock! Needless to say we took them back to court. It took 6 court hearings and over 3 years. Even after the court had awarded us the cost of repairs they refused to pay up! We had to send in Court Enforcement Officers with a High Court Writ and to get the money out of them, it took them several hours of lies and deceit from David Childs before he finally paid up costing him several thousand pounds more than if he had settled in the first place.

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Mr Singh from Langley Motors in response to Chris Wylam

Never heard of Mr wylam this has been made up by another car local car dealer?

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