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4 reviews from our car dealer reviews community
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4 reviews from our car dealer reviews community

Leave a review for MPH Automobiles (CLOSED DOWN)
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1.6 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

Bought car from MPH Automobile and am still having trouble with it, took to halfords and the mechanic has told me not to drive it as the brakes are not even attached.!!! I am trying to get hold of the citizens advice bureau for this to be dealt with. The car has been back to Martyn quite a few times to be sorted and is still the same!!! I part exchanged my car and it was immaculate, I wish I had kept it :(

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4.6 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

I paid £5000 for a bmw, I like the way mr heard works, no annoying sales peach, no being pressurised into buying the car, just an honest man, after two weeks having the car, I had some problems, I phoned mr heard up, and explained the problems, he said bring the car back and we will sort the problems out straight away, he was a man of his word I bought the car back and he sorted the problems out, I am more than happy with the service that I've had from this garage I would recommend him to anybody, I have had the car two months now i'm very very happy.

1 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

BUYER BEWARE I brought a Kia Sportage for £5000 from Martyn Heard in Oct 2014. It broke down 6 days later with EGR valve malfunction. Then VOSA reported the car should never have passed the MOT with disabled airbags - secondary to warning light indicators activated. MH refused to refund & became angry, shouting & hostile - he stated " i dont refund". I took him to court. I won.He appealed & I won again. The judge ordered he repay the full cost of the car. The money I had spent on it (garage diagnosis/ insurance/tax/court costs & interest) He was told under the sale of goods act a seller must refund up to 6 months after purchase if not fit for purpose etc. MH is an arrogant, ignorant man who thinks he is above the law. Presents as honest, reputable & knowledgeable. His stated 20 years of selling cars in my opinion reflected no knowledge of vehicles only a polished ability to manipulate potential buyers to secure a sale I spent 14 months in the court process. He never offered an apology & tried to argue with the judge that he should only refund the current value of the car. I never knew he could move so quickly when he ran from the court after the judge reprimanded him at the final ruling in 12.15 MH's arrogance cost him considerably more than the original purchase price of the car. Mr Heards passion is your money, his holidays, & evading appropriate trading accountability. I have brought many used cars & this is the only car dealer I have ever had a problem with. I have all documents & the court judgement's are available to the public if you are in any doubt of the authenticity of this statement. The court process is expensive & time consuming. Please act with caution & consider an independent appraisal of any vehicle you are interested in. Failing that consider Judge Rinder

Rubbleshute in response to kftelford

Thank you for saving me the risk of a serious headache and loss of funds.

MPH Automobiles from MPH Automobiles (CLOSED DOWN) in response to kftelford

This review has only just been brought to my attention and is of concern. Having been trading for 27 years and sold in excess of 5000 vehicles, this is the only customer who having purchased a vehicle, and the vehicle did not meet expectations, resulted in a court case actioned by the customer. From the onset, I tried very hard to resolve the issues and initiate a satisfactory outcome but unfortunately I was not given the opportunity to retrieve the vehicle and inspect the problem the customer had brought to my attention. It is normal procedure to be given the opportunity to evaluate and diagnose a fault on a vehicle in the workshop, and to be in a position then to resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction, either by repair or refund as would be the case. For whatever reason, in this case the customer would not allow me access to the vehicle following purchase which made it very difficult to carry out a full diagnostic evaluation. Sadly as time passed and the vehicle remained unavailable for inspection, it became more difficult to resolve except via a legal route. The matter should never have reached the courts, as it could have been amicably resolved saving time and costs. However, fortunately, cases like these, whilst regrettable, are extremely rare. Having sold hundreds of vehicles over the years to many satisfied customers, I can only apologise that on this rare occasion it was not resolved at the outcome. I am pleased to say that the vehicle has since been sold to a satisfied customer with no issues whatsoever.

1 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

Mph automobiles. Put all my savings into a car that i saw in this garage. Total 2595.00 with part exchange for my old car of 200. Two wks after having the car it broke down on contacting mr heard many time in this matter he refused to refund me my money. Replace the car to a point he got very rude law says im entitled to full refund or claim the repair costs from him. Booked it in for repairs total of 1760.38 yes that much. Mr heard refused to pay anything at all to these costs. Having spent everything on buying the car from him i could ot afford tbis bill. Mr heard very uncaring when i told him i need my car so i can work my delivery job and surport my family and pay bills. With a car i could not pay bills and dont know how i am to surport my family his response was cant or wont pay your bills. Ever since he refuses to even answer my emails or anything. Leaving me and my family in total mess with no car no job and no money coming in. avoid this man and garage at all costs

Unknown from MPH Automobiles (CLOSED DOWN) in response to lockett

We would like to start by stating that we have had the pleasure of 1000's of satisfied customers over many years so customer satisfaction is a priority at our dealership. We have to firstly apologise that we have not met this reviewers expectations during their purchase with us. We received an email stating this customer had a mechanical problem with his car but at this point he refused to return the vehicle to us to in order for us to correctly diagnose any potential fault. As a result we were unable to clarify what was the nature of the problem in this case. Due to the customer seeking the assistance of a 3rd party garage repairer and giving them the authority to replace many parts without our authority and not returning the car to us for inspection, we had no opportunity to inspect any faults which were claimed. So it was difficult to verify the customers faults and therefore reach a resolution on this occasion.

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Car Dealer Reviews has been informed that MPH Automobiles in Birmingham has closed down.

Manufacturers: Sells a variety of makes and models
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