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3 reviews from our car dealer reviews community
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3 reviews from our car dealer reviews community

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"Crooked dealer"
1 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

Where do I begin. Bought a BMW 1 Series on 31st December 2020. Less than a month later was on the motorway in the evening when the car started rattling like hell. Pull over turned engine off waited a bit turned back on it stopped rattling but the engine management light came on. So next day rang them and they said get it to the garage they deal with and have them sort it. A few days later got a call seemed to have sorted the issue and reset the code engine management light is off now. Fast forward a month and a half later again last tuesday evening engine management light came on however the next day it was off again however so went about driving to work which I do 2 days a week rest at home and the car started doing the same again with the rattling so I pulled over on the layby and done the same turned car off and turned back on but this time the car would not physically move it just kept revving. Rang Paramount who said get it taken to the garage to be sorted so I rang my AA breakdown cover and had it recovered to the garage. Thinking nothing of it under warranty be sorted I rang on Monday just gone to see where it was upto and was told all sorted it turned out the clutch was completely bald and fused to the flywheel however all changed and ready for you. Perfect I thought ill come get it tomorrow. Less than an hour later got a call back from the garage saying Paramount have said they are not covering it so im like WTF I rang them and he said we do not cover a clutch under warranty its wear and tear and im like hang on its been less than 3 months and less than 900 miles travelled in that time there is not a chance in that time frame its for you to sort this he just refused over and over saying pretty much not my problem. So me being me I know my consumer rights under the Consumers right act of 2015 the onus is on the dealer to prove the clutch was not bald or close to when this was sold. He said it wasnt we had it MOT'd and was fine (an MOT does not take a clutch out to check to do an MOT they only check it its operational which it could be at the time) after numerous calls back and forth he agreed to pay £250 to a £750 bill and eventually £300. I kept asking for at least half. He eventually said let me get the garage to do it on trade and ill pay half of it I gave in and said okay (we need the vehicle) he didnt come back to me and I had to chase he said he has spoken to them had half added to his bill and my half would be around £360 great i thought better than £750. So i rang the garage said ill pick up thursday and they said my part of the bill is £451 so im like wtf I text him saying tbey are saying that he replied saying must not of given trade for you not my business (no you crook you just done the £300). I couldnt be bothered at this point so ive gone picking the vehicle up pay my bill to be told he didnt even ask them for trade and didnt mention anything to them about half (I have the texts to prove it and showed them) they also agreed that in 3 months and less than 900 miles this should never have happened and he has NEVER seen a clutch as bad as this his conclusion it had to have been bad at the start. The real issue is that I rang the finance company up explained and as the work was carried out before they could provide an independant check nothing can be done at that point and I believe he knew that as they said if it had been independantly checked before hand then under the Consumers good Act of 2015 he is legally liable for the car, so he told me book it in get it sorted more than likely full well knowing this extremely bad business and an absolute crook of a dealer

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"dave w"
5 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL DEALERSHI AND car was exactly as described in every way The purchase process was an actual pleasure and a two way transaction Would highly recommend this dealership to anybody looking for highly prepared quality cars

5 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

Great customer service from Paramount Motor Company in Leicester

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Dealership Information

Paramount Motor Company are an independent used car dealer based in Leicester. If you are looking for a second hand car the then why not contact this dealership to see if they have what you are looking for. All cars come with a comprehensive parts and labour warranty and car finance is available.

Manufacturers: Sells a variety of makes and models
Independent Dealership

Services available
Car Hire
Car Leasing
Car Repairs
Car Sourcing
GAP Insurance
Motorbike Sales
New Car Sales
Part Exchange
Sell Your Car
Used Car Sales
Van Sales
3 reviews3.7 out of 5 stars — Rated Very Good
Very Good

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