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2 reviews from our car dealer reviews community
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2 reviews from our car dealer reviews community

Leave a review for Heartys of Peterborough
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"Exceptional stock and staff"
5 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

Exceptional service from these guys. I bought a Jaguar I pace here three months ago, and was very much impressed. Found the car on auto trader, very high spec, superb condition, and auto trader indicated that it was about £3000 below-market value. They held the car for me for three days without any downpayment. Upon arrival at the showroom, I was greeted in a friendly Way by a guy who just chucked me the keys to the car and let me play around in it for as long as I liked. He then took my drivers license while I took the car out without anyone in the vehicle, trying to pressure me to buy it. Bombed up the motorway, tested all the features for about an hour without getting a where are you call? Back in the office, the staff were able to accommodate all of my needs regarding part payments etc. Picked the car up the following week, a different member of staff also very friendly and very knowledgeable about all his stock, as was the first guy. Everybody was very pleasant and very efficient. Had a chance to look around the showroom, and thought the stock had been very well selected all quality vehicles well appointed. My vehicle was nicely prepped, ready for my collection, fully charged etc. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service I got from these guys, 10 out of 10.

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1 out of 5 stars
Dealer's knowledgeable
Vehicle cleanliness
Value for money
Resolving issues

READING THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND I’ve bought a car from H’o’P a month ago, which came with a 3 month warranty. I drove up 120 miles to purchase a car that they only dropped a £100 off from for the AC not working and only having a month MOT left. I drove the car back home on the day, 2 hour drive and as I got into my town the car had discovered Air Suspension faults, mainly the strut leaking. After many calls and conversations Simon has sent me a hire car in exchange to a Audi A8 4.2 I’ve been given a 1.5 tiny Renault Megane, which I didn’t have a problem with but it wouldn’t carry out my journey abroad I had planned with ease as the hire car itself was falling apart mechanically and was terrible to drive. He’s had the car almost 2 weeks and was argumentative over the phone and prolonging the process of giving the car back as he took it to a garage that has billed him 3/4 times less for the repairs as they weren’t fitting genuine parts. So I was getting my car back with knock off parts... After already being so frustrated all I got offered in exchange was a 3rd Party 12 month warranty, which I accepted only if it covered these non genuine parts which they said it does. I picked the car up after two weeks, drove it barely two days, and the same error comes up and even worse fault with the car dropping to the ground being undriveable, then randomly lifting. It was doing all sorts of weird things making the car unroadworthy. Simon told me just to ‘see if it does it again’ and implied I don’t contact him unless the error happens again.... which it has.. continuously.. He knew I won’t be able to get in touch with him after close of business and will be stranded. Hence why due to the lack of customer service, disgusting phone calls and attitude from the owner himself ‘Simon’ and complete lack of after sales service from this garage I have decided to return my car within my rights. When I told Simon he was frustrated and has now started to ignore me and is prolonging the process of refunding my money back even though they picked up the car from me this morning. I will be billing them now for every extra day I’ve been stranded with no car or money for the car to buy something else, leaving me on thin ice. I will also be taking the matter to court immidiately for all the financial losses and grief this garage has caused me. If I was you, I would stay well away no matter how nice you think a car is, and if you’re lucky enough it doesn’t pack up on you then your risk. But don’t expect genuine parts in your car or any sort of money back! As these are total bunch of cowboys!

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Heartys of Peterborough is an Independent dealership that is based in Peterborough. If you’re the owner or employee of this business, please send us a little bit of information about your dealership and why customers should come and visit.

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Manufacturers: Sells a variety of makes and models
Independent Dealership

Services available
Car Hire
Car Leasing
Car Repairs
Car Sourcing
GAP Insurance
Motorbike Sales
New Car Sales
Part Exchange
Sell Your Car
Used Car Sales
Van Sales
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